Glass technology has come a surprisingly long way over the last few decades, with the panes found in average homes getting far stronger as the years have gone by. It’s uncommon to find a modern home without modern windows. Today’s windows can stand up to a lot of abuse.. However, windows are still far from invincible, though.

While it takes tremendous force to shatter the glass in most homes, scratching it is just as easy as scratching the screen on your phone. Usually with the longest and deepest gashes standing out the most. Most people can’t afford to replace windows when they get damaged. So what’s the alternative? Scratch Removal. There is really only one tried and true way to properly remove a window scratch to bring your windows back to their former glory: Pay a professional with the tools and know-how to repair your glass right the first time.

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How Do Scratches Form?

Finding a fresh scratch on a window in your home can often be a confusing experience. They will appear in positions which don’t make sense, without a trace of what caused the damage in the first place. There are several common causes for window scratches:


If you live on a road or somewhere with a lot of heavy machinery being used, waste like gravel and sticks can end up in the air. While they will usually make contact with your walls, they have a chance to strike the windows, leaving their mark in the process.


Most people treat their home as a tool, and won’t pay much mind to the little accidents which happen throughout the day. Even the smallest mistakes can have a lasting impression on glass, though, making it well worth being careful when you’re using other hard objects around them.

Inferior Cleaning Methods:

It may not make sense that cleaning can cause window scratches, but this is often the easiest way to produce this sort of damage, with dust and other materials being rubbed into the glass risking scratches. Just applying less pressure can be a great way to avoid scratching your window.

Children And Pets:

While you have full control over the way that you treat your glass, it will be harder to get children and animals to comply. It only takes a few seconds of cat scratching to leave permanent damage on certain types of window.


Everyone wants to leave their mark in the world. But no property owner appreciates a small scribble of someone else’s name etched into their window glass. Tagging has quickly become one of the most common petty crimes found in cities and even suburbia. With wall space all taken up, these would-be artists often switch their focus to windows, damaging them for nothing but their own selfish street-cred.

Other Vandalism:

Tagging isn’t the only method which criminals use to damage glass. Blunt objects can easily scratch glass, but this is a primitive form of vandalism. Nowadays, acid etching is quickly becoming the graffiti artist’s choice, leaving windows with near irreparable damage which can be costly to fix.


Assess The Damage

Take a close look at the glass first to assess the damage. Not only will this help you to get an idea of how much work is needed.  For instance, in cases were a scratch can be felt with your fingertips, the damage may be severe.

However, in some cases you may just need to give it a clean. A surprising amount of window scratches amount to little more than a stain or streak on the glass. Even if you can feel something, the surface of a material like this can be deceptive, and this makes it worth trying to clean it before going much further. Window cleaning solutions can be found for nearly nothing in most supermarkets, but you can also make this for yourself, using vinegar or lemon juice to cut through the grime. Only once your windows are clean will you know exactly how badly they’re damaged.

A lot of people ask me if there are effective DIY window scratch removal methods.  The answer is no. I have never seen a DIY method work. So as a pro, there is no way I can endorse an do-it-yourself scratch removal method.  However, I did find these follow on the web and thought I would include them in this post for those of you that want to give it a shot. Again I do not endorse these and highly recommend you hire a professional.


DIY Home Remedy?

Here are some old wives tales that I found around the web. I do not endorse these:


There are plenty of home remedies out there which claim to work. (I personally have never seen anything work in my experience) When paired with a soft cloth, supposedly toothpaste can make a surprisingly effective scratch removal material. By applying a dab of regular white toothpaste to the scratch, followed by just rubbing it in, you might see some improvement. It would likely take a few attempts to see anything noticeable.

Nail Polish

Supposedly the minty stuff isn’t the only way to repair a scratch.  There may be other items you have in the bathroom that could work. Nail polish is designed to make nails look flawless, filling in gaps and leaving a smooth surface on the top. (I could only see this working for very minute scratches.) When the clear polish is applied to a window scratch, supposedly it can have the same effect, removing small traces of the imperfection. You can try to use the polish with the regular applicator, being extremely careful to keep the area smooth.

Metal Polish

This is an interesting one.  Metal polish uses very fine granules to gently sand the surface, taking away a thin layer of it. While they may not be designed for it, products like Brasso reportedly has the same impact on glass, removing small scratches when the right force is applied. Web users report rubbing in circles with a cloth should be enough, but I imagine you would need to put a lot of strength behind it. Others report that jewelers rouge can be added to Brasso to increase its effectiveness on the glass.


scratch removal process

Dedicated Team of Glass Experts

The reality is that glass it notoriously hard, even for professionals to work with. This means that a window with a visual scratch will only come out through the knowhow of a trained professional.  Handling this work yourself isn’t going to get the results you are looking for. Instead, hire someone with the right skills and experience can be the very best route to take, and this is where Brian’s Window Service comes in.

With our dedicated team of glass experts behind you, ensuring that your windows look as good as the day they were installed doesn’t have to be a challenge. Not only can we remove small scratches, like the ones found in most homes, but we can also work on more substantial damage.  Whether you have a hairline scratch or a serious acid stain, Brian’s Window Service won’t shy away from the damage you need repairing.

Along with repairing glass, we also help our customers to keep it clean. Climbing up ladders and far reaching tools are a daunting and often risky task for those without the right training. Our window cleaning team has been trained to handle this work with the highest level of safety and care. There are few better ways to improve the appearance of your home than clean, clear windows.  We understand that it is a challenge to achieve this by yourself, and we are here to help.


Window Glass Protection

Having gone through the window scratch removal process, it will be a good idea to look into some ways to protect this part of your home in future. There are loads of products around the web which claim to protect this part of your home, though very few live up to their promises. Give us a call and we can consult you on the best solution for your application.


Home window tinting is becoming increasingly popular in Ventura County. Adding a tint to glass is as simple as adding a film to the outside of it, with some with tinting as strong as sunglasses, and others looking almost completely clear. Not only will tinting help to prevent damage from being caused in the first place, but provide UV protection to your property.


Window screens not only help to stop insects from invading when the weather is warm, they can also help to reduce the chances of scratches forming on the outside of your glass. Window screens aren’t too expensive, and Brian’s Window Service can help you to find options which will fit your home.


Call The Pros

Here at Brian’s Window Service, we’ve been working with windows since 1975. Starting with simple cleaning services, we’ve come a long way over the last 40+ years, and have since expanded our range to include cleaning and repairs, installations, and even tinting. Working with such a variety of services has given us the experience and expertise to make any window shine, whether time has simply done its work, or someone has scratched the glass. Contact us today to brighten up your world. (805) 495-8564